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How to design the wire connection for sliding door(Part A– framed doors)

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How to design the wire connection for sliding door(Part A– framed doors)

Nowadays, the sliding door is becoming more and more popular in home, office, hotel etc, with the convenience of open and close

The framed sliding door are mostly used in home or apartment decoration, with nice combination for glass and frame, which enhances the whole level of application decoration.

See some framed sliding door example below:

Some friends may consider using the switchable smart film or smart glass on the framed sliding door as the two switchable products are gradually accepted by home owner. But as we all know the smart film/glass needs to be wired up to the power supply and power source,  so it means the wires must be not only combined with the framed sliding system but also keep fixed without broken by sliding, moreover it would be better and comfortable if the wires could be hidden without being seen.

So is there any perfect solution for this? The answer is YES with the conductive rail+ sliding connecting head

Click image to zoom

Click image to zoom

The conductive rail should be installed on top and inside frame sliding system. The single rail width is 6-7mm and total width is 17-18mm, see the picture below for the top conductive rail:

PS: if for those sliding doors system are not design with the conductive rail but to be upgraded with it, please double check the size of the rail, to leave enough space for the rail to be on the original system without blocking the sliding function

The other key accessories of this solution is the connecting head which should be installed on the side of the door frame, make sure the side frame cover could be moved so that the door frame is nice looking by hiding the head inside the side frame. Check the pictures for the connecting head:

To understand the position and combination, please check the diagram below for better reference:

Click image to zoom

So it is nice looking and sliding at wherever position wanted, smart film and smart glass could be controlled freely

If you still have questions or other special doubts about the frame sliding door, please feel freely to contact us at 

Next Part B we will introduce the solution for frameless sliding door.