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How to design the wire connection for sliding door (Part B—frameless doors)

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How to design the wire connection for sliding door (Part B—frameless doors)

Nowadays, the sliding door is becoming more and more popular in home, office, hotel etc, with the convenience of open and close

Last time we have shared the wire connection for smart film smart glass on sliding door, which is popular in home and apartment decoration(links). But actually most of the smart film and smart glass are used in public commercial application, like halls, gate, office, shops center etc. Due to the better natural lighting and wider viewing, frameless sliding door would be the more choices in such public commercial applications.

But along with the questions, how we could do the wires connection for smart film/smart glass on the mentioned frameless sliding doors? As there is no any track space same or similar like the framed sliding system.

According to the installation experience and innovative ideas, we OYPDLC introduce a solution for such cases: retracted spring wire

When we install the spring wire, we should fix it on two parts:

  1. Fixed point on wall, pipe roll or the cover frame(if there is), whatever it is convenient for the installation
  2. One hung wheel on the sliding roller system

Fixed way suggestion: Use the screws fixed on the point needed then fasten the end of the retracted spring wire with the point, special condition please adjust with the application whatever available.

See the retracted spring wires connection diagram for smart film/smart glass on the frameless sliding doors:

Due to the flexibility of spring wires, the wires/busbars on the smart film/smart glass could be protected well without pulling into broken when sliding system runs.

The small spring wires is helpful and this could be the nice solution for frameless sliding door with smart film/glass. We could provide and guide you how to use the retracted spring wire if needed.

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